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Recently certan lawmakers have tried to suppress the display of the Confederate flag, saying it is racist. It is not racist, it is a symbol of Southern heritage and pride! Dixiebass.net is offering these T-shirts in support of our Southern way of life. The USA is, after all, meant to be a free country with freedom of expression. Let us display this flag to show our support not only for the South's rich history but also for the freedom this country stands for. We appreciate your support during this terribly sad time while the intolerant, the mean spirited, and the uneducated attack our Proud Southern Heritage with a vengeance

Rebel Flag T-shirt
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Rebel Flag T-shirt
Rebel Flag T-shirt
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Carl Boaz
Guntersville, AL

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Shipping is $6.00 for 1 shirt, $7.00 for 2 and $10 for 3 or more.

Make checks/money orders payable to dixiebass.net.